Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that is characterized by high glucose levels in the blood.

Diabetes Mellitus has 2 most common forms.

  • Type 1 diabetes mainly affects children and adults up to the age of 40 and can be controlled by regular insulin injections, however,
  • of all enrolled diabetic patients, at least 90% of the cases have type 2 diabetes, which is mainly the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Signs of this type develop very gradually and slowly so they can go unnoticed for a long time. Patients with type 2 diabetes can develop very serious and life-threatening complications – in the acute case they can lead to unconsciousness or even diabetic coma. With insufficient disease control, blood glucose levels continue to rise gradually up until it causes chronic complications that significantly affect the quality of life and threaten premature death (mortality increases 3-4x) – these can include various eye complications, blindness, irreversible kidney damage, limb amputations, disability and cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death in Latvia and worldwide.

Read more about diabetes forms, risk factors, manifestations, and current issues here: Latvijas Diabēta Federācija

Diabetes mellitus is a preventable disease, but its incidence continues to grow rapidly. Risk factors are so common and seemingly insignificant that people often expose themselves to the risk of this dangerous disease without realizing it. Therefore, our mission is directly related to public education.

We inform people about the risk factors of the disease and perform basic tests – we measure blood pressure, sugar levels and fill in internationally recognized “find risk” questionnaires to determine if the person is at high risk of disease and after that, we recommend consulting a doctor if necessary.

We organize events ourselves – we visit different companies and institutions, and we also work on other events – health days, diabetes days, sports events (including Ghetto games) and we are happy to work with sports clubs and other interested parties.

The Diabetes Screening Team consists of a Project Leader, Leader h, and LaMSA activists.

Our partners are Rīga Stradiņš University and the Latvian Diabetes Association, but we also want to build relationships with new sponsors and partners – businesses, nursing homes, city authorities and schools – and to better tailor our activities to their audience. We are open to any cooperation that will help us achieve our goal.

In the near future, we also look forward to expanding our ability to educate and inform people through collaboration with a variety of health, nutrition and sports professionals so that we are knowledgeable in providing useful advice on the right exercise and answering people’s questions in a professional manner.