The Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV and AIDS was opened in Latvia to create community free from stigma and discrimination, educated population to care for their sexual and reproductive health and understand their rights. Our SCORAngels believe, that medical students are capable to start the change, to create a world where people feel safe to be who they are and be open to share that, where sexual and reproductive health is a priority and children are well educated about it.

“HIV testing” event in Latvia University

Sexual and Reproductive Health day in Jelgava Technical College

SCORA promotes sexual and reproductive health and rights, creates safe and open space for discussions and questions about birth control, safe abortions, domestic violence, STDs and HIV, sexual and gender identity issues etc.

SCORA projects in LaMSA:

  • “HIV testing” events in universities
  • “World AIDS day” event
  • “Sexual and Reproductive Health day” in Latvia Technical Colleges
  • HIV / AIDS month events
  • “Stay safe during Valentine’s day”
  • “Tulips and breast cancer awareness”


SCORA coordinator (NORA) – Ksenija Korotkova
If you have questions about the work of the Standing Committee or want to learn about next project, write to [email protected]