Standing Committee on Public Health educates the public about the global and local health trends. In collaboration with professionals and organizations from various medical disciplines, the committee implements community events and projects for children and adults.

SCOPH goals:

  • Disease prevention in modern society
  • Promoting health in today’s environment and educating the public about the nature of health
  • Raising awareness of global health issues
  • Advocating for a Sustainable Health Policy on behalf of all medical students worldwide
  • International cooperation with public health organizations
  • Collaboration with other medical professionals, human and reproductive health professionals.

There are 3 sub-projects in the Public Health Committee:

  1. SD – Sugar Diabetes project, project manager – Marta Dubovska 
  2. Teddy Bear Hospital, project manager –  Elīna Krauce
  3. MSSH – medical students for schollers’ health, project manager – Diāna Pokšāne 


SCOPH coordinator – Paula Kukle
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