Standing Committee on Medical Education was launched in 2016 in LaMSA to enable students to develop themselves professionally and personally. SCOME was made in sake of our true beneficiaries – our future patients. SCOMEdians are convinced that there is always place for skills development and learning in such a broad field as medicine.

Studying medicine is a non-ending process and our SCOMEdians work hard to give opportunity to all medical students in Latvia to grow and learn and become a better healthcare professionals. Together we develop skills learned in university, like surgical skills and patient examination, and gain new knowledge that would help us in future profession, like sign language.

“Breaking the Silence” members showing sign “I love you”

SCOME projects in LaMSA:


SCOME coordinator – Matīss Balodis
If you have questions about the work of the Standing Committee or want to learn about next project then please don’t hesitate to contact us, by emailing to [email protected]!